Frasier Sterling Jewelry. Win some.

It all started with a girl and her really cool grandma. This grandma happened to be a jewelry designer in the 80’s. It was one heck of a dress up play date when she got to go to grandmas, if you know what I mean. Well, once this l’il gal discovered grandma’s vintage bead closets, that’s all she wrote. She’s been designing and making hand made jewelry ever since.

This gal is Frasier Lipton. She is the designer and creator of the delectable line, Frasier Sterling Jewelry, and oh my gosh does she ever rock my world.

..and she is about to make someone else’s world rock too.

Frasier is giving away this beautiful, handmade, boho beach chic, perfect for layering, absolutely freaking fantastic necklace. If you think the pic looks good, wait until you see it in person…whoever the winner might be.

Here’s how to enter.

1: Like Frasier Sterling on Facebook and/or follow on Instagram: @frasiersterlingjewelry

2: Venture on over to, check out the line, and leave a comment on this post with what your favorite piece or pieces are.

That’s it.

Enter will be announced next Thursday, September 13th. UPDATE: The Winner is AMANDA DUNHAM

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