Oh Sheet


There’s one necessary item I need to talk about. Not only because the punnyness is limitless, but because I honestly feel like owning a good one makes my beach outings just that much more enjoyable. 

So let’s talk about sheets. 

Beach sheets. Not towels. Because let’s face it, bigger is better in terms of a sheet you can dry off with and take naps on.

Here we go. Time to learn about some good sheets. 

Top to Bottom:

The Beach People Roundie – Aka one of the more coveted items out there. And rightfully so. Whoever on their team decided to make terry cloth circular and fringed needs a serious high five, bear hug, and free trip to The Seychelles. They are gorgeous, thick, and are so pretty you will probably want to put it in your home somewhere instead of bringing it to the beach. Mine is on our bed. There’s just something about these beauties. They’re brilliant.

Ruby Mint: A towel by this company is in my beach bag on every outing. Why? Well, they are thick, super luxurious, soft & comfy, get you dry quickly, can double as a blanket, and the bright fun patterns absolutely rock my world. For the past 2 years now, my husband requests that I always bring one of these when we head to the beach or go on a trip. If husbands are noticing beach sheets, that says a lot.  

Island Company Beach Sheet: Which is literally a giant beach sheet made of super thick, high thread count, durable cotton and printed in fun, bright, tropical patterns. Can I take a moment to emphasize the word big. They’re huge. In a great and versatile way. Plus, It’s fun to claim a bunch of acreage on the beach with one of these beauties. Especially if someone in your crew doesn’t like to get all sandy.

Gray Malin Beach Sheet – Also known as art you can dry off and lay on. Which makes my heart go lub dub. When I saw Gray took some of his famous aerial beach shots and printed them on some big soft sheets of fine terry cloth for us to enjoy….I did a happy dance. And now wish I could somehow get an aerial pic of me laying on mine. In St. Tropez, or wherever the pic was taken.


I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed shooting some sheets with you. 

And I will stop with the puns….now. 

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