Jar O’ Healthy Deliciousness: All I

Jar O’ Healthy Deliciousness:

All I want to eat lately is super healthy stuff that I make in a blender, and somehow has the consistency of ice cream. It’s fascinating, really. And delicious. Here’s an example. I also just downed it in under 2 minutes. Yum. 

In a blender or food processer mix up the following:

• A frozen banana (or two)

• A handful of frozen mango chunks

• 1 tbs coconut oil

• 1 scoop of über healthy superfood protein powder

• Juuuust enough coconut milk so it will actually blend. 

After you blend it until smooth and whipped up, mix in the following

• Chia seeds

• Fresh blueberries

Then top with

• Coconut sugar and slices strawberries.

Chow down. Feel great. And acquire a new love for frozen fruit and your blender.

I realize I really need a better container to show off these concoctions, but my little mason jar will have to do for now.

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