RX Bikini Bod: Bikini Friendly Breakfasts

Do you know one trick sumo wrestlers use to gain weight? Skipping breakfast. (Thank you, Chris Powell, for that fact.) So, you want to lose weight, you better be eating some breakfast, and I’m not talking a bowl of Captain Crunch.

Breakfast is by far my absolute favorite meal of the day. I am by no means a chef, but here are my top 3 quickies at the moment.

1: Smoothie – In a blender mix together the following: Frozen strawberries, ½ frozen banana, ¾ cup greek yogurt , enough juice so it doesn’t turn out like sorbet, (no high fructose corn syrup allowed), 1 tbs honey (optional).

2: Egg Sammy – Scramble 3 eggs however you want (yup, I eat the whole egg), place on either a sliced 100% whole wheat bagel or 100% whole wheat toast. A little butter and ketchup if you want.

3: PB & Banana Toast w/ Greek Yogurt – Toast 1 piece of super hearty 100% whole wheat toast, smear with 1 tb natural peanut butter (I love Skippy Natural), then top with a ½ a sliced banana and drizzle with honey. Pair that with ½ cup plain greek yogurt with a little honey to sweeten.

Basically, make sure you’ve got a protein, some good fiber, and something hearty in your stomach to get your metabolism revved up each morning…unless you are in training to be a Yokozuna, in which I completely understand.

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