A bundled up family beach walk

A bundled up family beach walk, with hardly anyone else around, that was just before sunset, and was pretty darn gorgeous as well…

Happy birthday to me. 

Yup, it was my birthday over the weekend, and although I like to at least acknowledge it, I’m not one for making a big fuss. I just like to get out and do a little something that’s special or different. I bet no one is shocked to learn that means…getting outside, in the water and to the beach. Although a surf wasn’t possible this year (unless ergo baby invents a wetsuit with a baby carrier in it), the weather cleared and we headed out to my happy place. Even though we only had less than an hour before sunset, and it was pretty cold and windy…it, for me, was bliss. Pure bliss. Like, a gift from above, God knew just what I needed, bliss. 

Cheers to another year, and like a goooooood wine, getting better with age. 

And to happy beach pups and bundled up babies in beanies. Which, let’s face it, are kind of a remarkably cute combo.

*Wearing my Roxy beach poncho dealio and leggings….and my husband’s hat. That I love to steal. 

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