So thankful for ya

If you’re reading this, I want to say thank you in every language possible. I was just sitting and thinking of all the doors opened, opportunities, connections, friendships, creative outlets, and sense of fulfillment this blog provides. And I have anyone who takes time out of their day to read it (however frequently or sporadically you choose) to thank.

Trust me, I’m more aware than ever of how much people are screaming and begging for your time and attention online these days, and I’m beyond thankful for you, whenever you stop by. Big Time.

Thanks to you and your encouragement, I got back into painting after a decade-long hiatus, which I didn’t even realize had created a weird creative void in my life. Thanks to something as simple as a comment, emoji, share, or like, I kept on painting, and am finally getting my groove back. So thanks. I’ll keep the paintings coming…for us both.

Thanks to you reaching out, I’ve met some really rad folks all over the globe, and made some amazing friendships. As much as this is an online platform, it’s mind-boggling how great it is at meeting and connecting with like-minded folks in person. So please say hi if we run into each other, or reach out if I’m in your hometown. I love it. I love meeting people. You all rock.

Also, thanks for being such an uplifting, positive bunch of people. Other than about six or so comments over 9 years, it’s amazing how encouraging and uplifting you all are. So thank you! And please feel free to call me out if I ever deserve a slap on the back of the head too. I’m always up for a good discussion too.

Because you all read this, buy stuff I rock, design or talk about, and share things with your friends, companies actually want to work with me, which has allowed me to work from home and raise my little dude. It’s a situation that was never planned and is absolutely priceless. I thank God for every day. I really should thank you all daily too.

Oh gosh, I could go on an on…

Thanks for the uplifting comments on my posts when I’m feeling down (or just being real), liking my poems, spreading the word and sharing the love (since I’m an SEO reject, refuse to pay to promote anything, and am as OG in the blog world as it gets), and for thinking this is a special little site. Which I definitely think it is too.

I know every post on here won’t be a home run, knock it out of the park, and things will always evolve and change. But I’m learning that’s how it should be. Some days it’s a poem, some days it’s a pic ( or a bunch of ‘em), some days it’a good hair day, and some days I get my act together and actually write a good long post for ya. Whatever it is, if it goes on here, I’m pretty darn proud of it, and knowing that someone, somewhere might relate, get inspired, or I dunno put on a pair of tropical print pants, try some beach waves, or rocks a bold lip color…damn, that’s the icing on the cake.

So in this time of year when we all get to sit down and reflect on what we’re thankful for, I hope you all know how freakishly thankful I am for YOU.

Gracias, merci, mahalo, danke, obrigado, efcharistó, ありがとう grazie…time to go check out google translate…

Thanks for stopping by. I’ll be doing my best to keep on creating content that makes you want to do just that.

..and who knows where else that might take us.

With so much love and gratitude,


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