…or whatever your ideal temp/weather condition

…or whatever your ideal temp/weather condition may be. 

But this all got me thinking – having joy, regardless of the situation or circumstance, is a superpower that should be revered and aspired to acquire more much more often. 

You know those people, the ones who personify sunshine and it seeps out of their pores, but in a magnetic/genuine/not annoying whatsoever way. But you know, you just KNOW, they are dealing with crap like everyone, or major bumps in the road, or less than ideal situations. Yet they still seem to embrace their circumstance with peace and a smile. Gosh, I love being around people like that. 

Just take a minute and think of someone you know like that. I swear it’ll put you in a good mood.

Here’s mine…

Back when we lived in Hawaii, there was this lady, Jeri, who was that type of person. She worked at the Foodland by our neighborhood and she was one of the most positively infectious people I’d encounter on a daily basis (I went to Foodland a lot.) If she was working I’d always make sure I went to her lane, just to get a smile from her, and a “hey sis how are you doing today?!!” before she enthusiastically ringed me up while chatting (with me or a coworker), and greeted other people or did whatever she had to do. She just did everything with so much joy, laughed and made so many people smile. I wish I knew more of her story, bought just one more poke bowl, and could’ve given her a hug or slipped her a thank you note before we moved away. 

But I really, really, really like the Jeri’s of this world. 

I could turn this post into a novel, but I’ll refrain.

Baby it’s cold outside, or at least it can be. Literally and figuratively. Especially this time of year. 

So look for the joy (or try and feel it), look for a Jeri (or whoever it was you thought of), and hang out/talk to/try to cross paths whenever possible so their personality can be infectious towards you in a good way. 

Or better yet, try and be one. 

I definitely will. 

72 and balmy baby. 72 and balmy in my mind. Sounds like a joyful temp to me. 

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