Spiced up basics

One of my favorite go-to’s will always be jeans and a white tee. Or in this case, flare jeans in a cool wash and what could possibly be the most perfect year-round white sweater, ever.

Had five minutes to take some pics of it all before heading to Kindergarten pick up.

Both were impulse buys, and this combo even makes the side of our house where we keep my old longboard look rather put together.

Kili even wanted to get in on the action. Love it when that happens.

Just felt good to feel good when life feels anything but glamorous.


Jeans = Mother Denim Style = The Doozy in 15 minutes of Fame

Top = Imrie Pull-on sweater  (All colors here) (I’m in a large and could probably go with a medium too)

Shoes = P448 Luke Shabby

Hat = My go to grom mom trucker hat 


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