Scenes from Spring

Well, we’re currently in one of the coldest and wettest Springs here in The PNW we’ve had in quite a while.  Amazingly enough, my coffee consumption hasn’t skyrocketed, but things do feel like groundhog day, and I am a wee bit sick of wearing sweats. Never thought I’d say that, but it’s possible.

However, when I step and look at things, it’s still been pretty darn gorgeous – the forest is practically neon right now. Everything’s in bloom, including my allergies, there are waterfalls everywhere, and I’m definitely loving my rainy day walks with no one around.

So, here are a few pics, or shall I say inspired scenes from spring. Threw in the latest sharpie shells because they were a (much needed) fun rainy day zone-out mental break craft. Hey, it felt good to be inspired.

I’ll embrace the days when temps get above 60 degrees consistently, and the sky is all hues of bright blue, but have definitely learned to enjoy and appreciate each season up here, too.


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  • I feel your pain, it feels like it rains in the UK a lot during winter (we never get snow on the south coast) and I always get my hopes up in spring, only for it to turn out chilly and damp! But as you say, the plants loves it and in my case, the dogs prefer it to the hot sunny days ahead… xx