Brighten up the grey


I swear, every time I’ve gone to the beach on the past two weeks, it’s been grey windy and just not all that pretty. But, it’s still the freaking beach. So enough of my pity party. June Gloom. It’s weird. It happens, and is no reason to not go to the beach. 

So, I got out of my cutoffs and long sleeve tee, put on a breezy dress, and got back to my messy, salty haired, poser on the beach self. 

Also, since I have posted pretty much all of my Maui pics, I needed to suck it up, get my butt in gear, and snap some more photos for this here beloved site.

It’s amazing how the right combo – a better attitude and dressing up a little, can brighten up the grey.

…and how it is suddenly gorgeous and sunny out today. 

Yup, might be heading back to the beach. 

Thank you Tysa Designs for the amazing dress and Sea La Vie for the coin bracelets (They are bangles made from coins from the Bahamas, Cyprus and Guernsey. So rad.) // My favorite Pearl Love bracelet + Some sssssweet Cocobelle sandalsss.

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