My New Go-To Lemonade Recipe. Because it’s

My New Go-To Lemonade Recipe. 

Because it’s lemonade that’s beefed up a bit, tastes amazing, and hardly has any sugar. And also because all I want to drink is Lemonade.

Mix up the following in a blender until frothy and delicious: 

• 3-4 tbs lemon juice (or lime if limeade floats your boat).

• A few handfuls of ice.

• Scoop of vanilla protein powder (I seriously need to up my protein intake. Most of us do. Problem solved.)

• Splash of coconut milk

• A little bit of agave or honey. 1 tbs or less por favor. 

• ½ cup water

Blend it baby. Then pour over ice, preferably in a mason jar. Because everything tastes better in a mason jar. 

Lemonade with protein and coconut that you whipped up yourself included. 

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