Yo Bokos


Say hello to my Bokos. They are some of my new favorite day to day sandals, and will probably be yours too. 

Two brothers in Minneapolis started the company after spending some time overseas and acquiring a pair of wear-anywhere, comfy, anti-slip, doesn’t get stinky, is durable and somehow still cool, sandals. Friends, family, and total strangers kept on asking them where they could snag a pair. 

So they made their own, new and improved, version. 

Job well done guys. 

It’s just a sporty, quirky, unbelievably comfy and fun sandal. That I can, and often, wear absolutely anywhere. 

And someone else apparently loved them too. Mine were stolen on the beach when I went for a dip in Miami. Does that count as word of mouth marketing? If so, whoever you are, I hope you enjoy my sandals and have purchased another color to add to your collection.

Good thing they are only $18…so I just picked up a replacement pair

So, when everyone and their mom, (and dad because they make guys ones too) are rocking some of these beauties…remember who told you about them first. 

bokos.com // bokos on facebook and twitter

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