Seriously. It has super powers. I think

Seriously. It has super powers. 

I think there’s a biological reason so many of us crave alone, quiet time on a non crowded beach. Whether it’s tropical, rugged, small or immense, cold, foggy or hot…it’s amazing. 

For me it does the following: Clears my mind, inspires me, makes me feel small and puts things in perspective, makes me realize how lame materialistic thing are, the sand between my toes is instant stress relief, anxiety melts away the second my toes touch the water. The silence is golden, yet full of so many great things to listen to. And the sun kissing my skin is some of the best kisses ever. 

Ok. there you go. Apparently the beach is my therapist.  

But really, if I was a Doctor, I’d prescribe empty beach time to patients. It’s just that freakishly powerful.

Especially when there’s no cell service and you are forced to unplug and just be present for a bit too.

After taking a quick barefoot beach pic of course. 

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