Bum Builders

Bum. Bootie. Butt. Derriér. Rump. Whatever you call it, it’s a good thing to have. And an even better thing to work on. So, I figured I’d share some new and old moves that are helping me get mine back. 

Yup. Being pregnant made mine go away for a bit (mainly because I couldn’t lift heavy or sprint after month 7 or so). And oddly enough I’ve really enjoyed working my butt off to get it back. 

So, here we go.

1. Goblet squats. 

Yes, any type of squat is great for your rump, and will build it. I love me a good goblet squat because 1: I can go super low, which works my butt, and 2: I can do this at home with dumbbells, or at the gym, with a kettle bell. If you aren’t doing them, work them into the rotation. Just remember to have good form. Aka watch this video for a tutorial ( FYI this guy, Brett is known as the glute guy and is just a great person to follow, in the world of building bums).

2. #Buttworkouts

This is both super easy to do anywhere, as well as amusing at the same time. Go on instagram and check out the account @buttworkoutvids or @buttworkout. Then basically give yourself 10 minutes and do whatever moves you can do at that time. I did this while traveling and it 1: thoroughly entertained my husband while he watched TV, and 2: really got my buns a burning. Yes, the videos are entertaining as well. Apparently people take butt workout videos really seriously on instagram. But, I say use it to your advantage, and fit in a quick bootie workout.

3. The bootie belt. 

Ok, I haven’t tried the bootie belt. I just got a press pitch for it, but it looks intriguing, and like it would help to target the shelf area. I also might try and just make one myself with some resistance bands and a belt. Stay tuned.

…ok, Back to stuff I actually do.

4. My go to moves: the Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat, and Back Extensions. 

I’m not sure if it’s just how my hips are constructed, but these two moves totally had my gluteus at yeowza that hurts. Back extensions get the shelf. I think they should call them upper bootie extensions. Rear Foot Elevated Split Squats get the whole enchilada. Rarely does a week go by without these being in at least one of my workouts. I know we all are different, but I can’t give these moves a big slap on the butt enough for how much they’ve helped.

5. Sprints, stairs and hill sprints. 

Did you happen to notice the unbelievable physiques of all the sprinters in the olympics? They are and will always be my ultimate fitspo. Which is why when it comes to cardio I tend to choose sprints over slow and steady jogs. P.S. Allyson Felix. I heart you. We should be friends. 

Anywho. Find a hill. Sprint up and walk down it, Same with stairs. And you can spring up and down your street, in a park, on a soccer field, or, yes, in a track to. Sidenote: My husband has one of THE greatest bums I’ve ever seen. (I tell him this regularly, and he’s probably so stoked I am writing this). Whenever I ask how the hell he got it to be that way, his answer is…a lifetime if Sprints. So there you go. 

The number 1 tip though…

6. Be consistent. 

Doing just one thing every now and then, just isn’t going to do much. Kind of like anything fitness related. It takes a regular, even if just for a few minutes, commitment. There’s no miracle move, just a devoted mindset: Remember your backside on a regular basis, and work your butt off so it can reach it’s full, lovely rounded perky potential. 


Bikini bottoms by Cenote (super flattering on the bum and has a drawstring so it stays put doing pretty much anything. Island Company x Goldfish Kiss tank. Ola feroz top. 

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