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Yeah, I might be getting my breast cancer awareness month post up at the end of breast cancer awareness month. But I think we’d all agree that it’s a good idea to be aware and conscious of the cause, and preventative measures at all times.

So I wanted to shed light on two extremely important things you can, and should be doing.

1: Check your boobs. 

If you are like me, you know when a single spot, freckle, line or bump that might resemble a zit is starting to pop up on your face. Well, you should be as familiar with your boobs as you are your face. Regular self exams are the best way to do this. I cant tell you how many stories I heard over the past month (mainly on the Today Show) of women who have won the fight because of early detection. Ok I can tell you, it was at least five.

So know your boobs, And know them well. 

An easy way to do this, is by going to and downloading the app, or signing up for a monthly text or email reminder to check yourself. (Scroll down to the end of the page for this). 

Also make a mental note (or tell Siri to remind you), once a week, before or after you are showering, to check yourself. It’s an easy, simple thing to do. So do it. Please.

2. Check what you are putting on yourself.

Yes. This is regarding skincare products. 

There is a debate on whether or not certain substances (Mainly parabens and aluminum) have a direct correlation to breast cancer. I say, when in doubt, leave it out.

There are studies that show a great percentage of breast cancer lately is in the upper outside quadrant of the breast…i.e. the area closest to your armpit. So yeah, check your deodorant. I’ve switched to the natural stuff (Tom’s Lavender to be exact) and it works just as well.  And I have a bit more peace of mind. And I smell like a freaking lavender field. 

Same goes for lotions and sunscreens. Your skin is your biggest organ, and what you put on it is absorbed into your body. So please choose those products well. I know the all natural, and preservative free products that don’t contain a bunch of words we can’t pronounce, are a few bucks more. But when you over all health is concerned, I say it’s worth it. 

Because after all, it’s your body. You only get one of them. So you better know it well, and take care of it often.

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