The Last week in Hawaii Bucket

The Last week in Hawaii Bucket List, in a Bikini:

I’m not much of a To Do list person. But this week, I’m making an exception. Wish me luck 🙂

1: Go for a long barefoot run all along Waimanalo – in L*Space 

2: Surf as much as possible – in Dkoko

3: Swim (or paddle) out to the Mokes – in Estuaries

4: Go diving  on the West side – in Acacia 

5: Have a BFRD…or two at Buzz’s in Kailua – in Tyler Rose

6: Go for a long walk on the beach on the North Shore – in Mikoh

7: Attempt to body surf at Sandys (if it’s not too big) –  in Roxy

8: Go on one of my favorite hikes (Olomana, Koko Head, Mariner’s Ridge) – in Beach Riot

9: Watch as many sunsets as possible – in Kore

10: Realize that even if I don’t get through all of the items above, I have lived each day to the fullest, and have been so blessed to call Hawaii home – In whatever bikini I’ve mixed and matched along the way.

…now, off to surf. 

* If you are reading this wondering what all this last week in Hawaii stuff means this post should help explain.

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