My 3:30 Cup


Every day around 3:00pm, I hit a wall. Literally. Like, when you see someone getting slammed in the face with a pie, that’s me. With a wall. That’s usually in the form of my eyelids feeling like they have dumbbells sewn onto them. I know I am supposed to take a nap or do something healthy to remedy this, but this is also the only time of day I can manage to work or write a blogpost, that will actually get posted during daylight time. (Like right now).

One thing, however, that is making hitting this afternoon wall a bit more bearable, is my 3:30 cup o’coffee. That freaking rocks my world. And I really look forward to consuming.

It’s a recipe for bulletproof coffee that I’ve worked on over the past month or so. Which I wanted to share.

I’m sure it’s nothing new in coffee recipe world (pretty sure the only recipe that hasn’t been thought of involves using milk from goats found in a remote village in the Himalayas and Kopi Luak or something). So just think of this as my stamp of approval on any recipe that’s close to it. 

Put the following in a blender. 

• 1 big cup of STRONG black coffee

• 1 heaping teaspoon of coconut oil

• a splash of vanilla extract (Yup. What you use to make cookies and stuff with.)

• a teaspoon of coconut sugar (or agave)

• a splash of coconut water.

…Can you tell I like coconut-themed coffee beverages? Well, I do.

• Blend until it gets nice and frothy and creamier looking. 5.83 seconds works splendidly. 

• Sip, savor, smell, and relish in the creamy, caffeinated delight. Then plow through that wall baby.  

…and feel free to have it at any time of day. Not just 3:30.

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