Beach Hair 101: Bangs are Bangin’

Bangs are nothing new, but they seem to be showing off cheekbones and eyes everywhere. They also give off that 70’s stylish beach vibe no matter what type of fringe you choose. So, in lieu of having an eight-head instead of a forehead, I am taking the plunge and am getting a thick set of eyelash skimmers a’ la my muse, Heidi Klum (pictured above).

Bonus: Aside from covering massive foreheads and being timelessly stylish, they are an easy way to switch up your look without chopping all your long locks or venturing down the haircolor aisle at CVS when you are bored on a weekend night.

If you want to give it a try, check this out: How to Cut your Own Bangs from …in fact, not sure If I can wait until my appointment. The scissors are calling my name.

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