Cherry print toes

In staying within the genre of produce inspired pedicures, I ventured back to basics with a simply sweet little cherry print. It’s easy, it helps my toes be reminded that it’s spring, and somehow I like to think that Shirley Temple is looking down at my feet, and is proud. 

So, here’s how you can have your own cherry print toes.

1: Paint toes with two coats of a light opaque color. I went with lime green. (So technically these are cherry lime toes.)

2: If you have a sheer glitter polish, paint that now. (Optional but a cool touch)

3: Put a blob of bright red polish on some plastic or cardboard, then dip a ballpoint pen in it, then lightly on your toe in sets of two. Now you have the cherries.

4: Put a blob of green polish on the plastic now, and using a toothpick paint a small green dash above all the sets of cherries. Now you have leaves.

5: Let dry, then using a fine point sharpie, or thin micron pen, draw 2 little diagonal lines connecting each cherry to the stem.

6: Cover with glossy topcoat.

7: Put on a spring time dress, and go to the farmers market…all while singing Good Ship Lollipop.

Polish Used: Sally Hansen Triple Shine in – Red Snapper, Statemint, Kelpout and Seanic

And I thought they looked pretty darn cute paired with these sandals. 

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