Hey Clhei

I think at this phase in my life I am loving and appreciating backpacks more than ever. 

Backpacks carry a toddler when hiking. Backpacks double as a mini convenience store when traveling. Backpacks allow hands-free beach outings.  And then there’s this distressed leather backpack that makes me realize I can still be stylin’ while in this backpack infatuated phase of my life…which might be a phase that goes on for a long time.

So, say hello to Clhei (pronounced like Clay). They made this gem of a mompack, along with many other beauteous beachy lovelies. It’s a family-owned leather goods brand based on Maui, Hawaii that was founded in 2008 by designer Heidi Clawson. She worked between Maui and her native Buenos Aires, Argentina to develop a line of handmade leather accessories that look as at home on the beach as they do in the city.

That’s where she got me. Beach leather goods. Aka heirloom treasures that can deal with salt and sand, coffee dates, meetings, meltdowns and layovers. Then be handed down someday too. Plus they have that cool Maui vibe about them. Which is a vibe I”m a big fan of. 

The line is gorgeous, simple, definitely beach and travel-oriented (check out the travel folio. Brilliant.) and don’t worry, if you aren’t in backpack loving phase of life they have totes, accessories, and clutches too.

Bravo Heidi. Sending you a hands-free double high five. Clhei is gorgeous.

*Thank you Clhei for the backpack pictured above ( The Gaucho in Lattee)…and to Mother nature for the freakishly gorgeous scenery around it.

Wearing: Vitamin A Bikini + Lack Of Color hat  (that got warped when I stuffed my wet bikinis in it flying back from Hawaii last year, but I still love it.)

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