It’s that time of day –

It’s that time of day – you know you need to get a workout in, but you’re tired and have about 20 minutes. Might I suggest trying this little gem of a workout… 

The basic principle is this: Think of five moves, and do one round of Tabata for each. It’s actually quite simple. But the setup of Tabata (go really super hard for 20 seconds, then rest for 10…and repeat 8 times = a  4 minute round) loves simple stuff. In fact, it makes you develop a love-hate relationship with the simple moves.  

So, I did the following and felt invigorated, sweaty and rather fantastic afterward. Which is why I tend to do lots of 20 minute Tabata workouts these days.

(Note: I used a TRX but you can also do bodyweight. Both ways are butt kickers.)

Do each round back to back, with no rest (or very minimal rest) between rounds. 

Round 1 =  Squat Jumps

Round 2 = Kettle Bell Swings

Round 3 = Burpies

Round 4 = Roll Ups ( also called reverse burpies )

Round 5 = Tuck Jumps

…feel free to do more rounds/moves, but 20 minutes was mighty fine for me. 

Grab some water, take a deep breath, then proceed to dance around to Walking on Sunshine because…Don’t it feel good. Hey, alright now…And don’t it feel good.

If you don’t know that song, look it up.  

More workout posts aqui. 

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