Coco Moon X Goldfish Kiss

In honor of Levi’s upcoming birthday, and my resulting mom brain that I’ve had for almost two years now, I figured I’d talk about a design collab that’s been going on for a few months now, that I ADORE, and have for some unknown reason forgotten to post about. Say hello to Coco Moon X Goldfish Kiss.

Yes, I teamed up with my favorite swaddle company. And man oh man is it freakishly soft and adorable. 

The idea was to take a traditional boy’s mobiles repeat pattern – you know, trucks, bikes planes and helicopters…but beach mobil-ify it. So I drew the typical grom mobiles: surf truck (orange Chevy scout, which is personal dream car by the way), surf van, and beach cruiser, and adorned them all with a board or two. Yes, this was extremely fun and rewarding to design, especially knowing they’d be wrapping up and soothing such precious cargo. And Amber at Coco Moon is a total gem of a human to work with. 

The design is available in swaddles,  rompers, and bib + burp cloths sets.

Any of my friends who are expecting babies anytime soon, or have just had one, you now know what you are getting from me. Even if you have a girl. 

Anyone else need to get a baby gift for someone, here you go. High five.

Levi was impossible to photograph, so enjoy all the pics from Coco moon above. 

He is currently napping while holding onto his surf mobile swaddle though. 

Coco Moon X Goldfish Kiss. Available at, and at these fine retailers.

*This interview I did with Amber about the collab is a fun read too.

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