I had it all planned out

I had it all planned out today:  Post something pretty or creative, be productive, write emails, be witty, and just keep on taking baby steps towards progress. Well, that isn’t happening. All I want to do after I finish writing this is stare at my son sleeping, cuddle with my dog, have a cup of coffee, close my laptop and breathe. Then be as kind as I can possibly be the rest of the day, in any shape or form. Then wake up tomorrow and try to be even better. 

Tragedy has a way of slapping sense into us all – It highlights what matters, digs up compassion and empathy, stirs up a new kind of kindness, and breaks our hearts so they can hopefully grow back warmer and larger. 

Tragedy needs kindness. It needs goodness. It needs light to kick it to the curb. 

So I say let’s all go out and be kind and figure out a way to do something good today. Donate blood, give to a charity, give your time, and the very least give someone a hug or a smile. Deal? Deal. 

Going to go watch my son sleep for a minute now, and pray that I can raise him to be a confident, joyful, empathetic, and loving light in this world that never ceases to amaze in its craziness. 

Thinking of anyone hurting today, in so many shapes and forms. 

Ellen pretty much nailed it with this one“Care. Love. Be outraged. Be devastated. Just don’t give up. The world needs good humans today.”

The pretty and creative posts shall resume tomorrow. I’d feel like a clueless ostrich with it’s head buried in the ground not saying something about what’s been going on, and the news we woke up to today.

Also, here’s a great little read with some links + more ways to do good/make a difference. Give it a read. 

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