Hello, Dahlia

Dahlias after some rain. Wow, these nuggets are photogenic.

Somehow, when researching the farms that sell Dahlias at Pike Place Market, I stumbled on a link to a place called The Dahlia Barn. This then led me to learn about their little Dahlia Festival that runs on the weekends in September. Which had my flower-loving soul making the quick 26 mile drive as soon as I could.

I love l’il excursions like that. And man oh man, they sure whipped up a glorious bouquet too. (I’m staring at it on the counter as I write this)

Rainy dahlias are good for the soul, and just soothing on the eyes and mind. So, had to pass on a few favorites from the dozens of pics I snapped.

The big solo one was called the Cafe Au Lait. Go figure my favorite had to do with coffee.

Nature, you win in the photogenic department. You always do.

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