Beachly X Goldfish Kiss

Well, this one arrived juuuust in time for sweater weather. Beachly just launched their Fall box and I worked with them to make a certain special knit item that’s part of their latest salty and sandy inspired collection. See that tropical vibes sweater? Ohh yeah, buddy.  That’s my messy penmanship and palm tree type in knitted form. Whoa.

In case you need an intro to Beachly – It’s a box of Beach-inspired apparel & lifestyle products that are delivered to your doorstep every season. So basically they keep the beach vibe alive and bring a little bit of that tropical vibe to your doorstep, wherever it may be. It’s a philosophy that’s dear to my heart, especially now. Even making this collage of all the box’s contents got me in a sunnier mood and ready to blare some Bob Marley.

So, needless to say, I’m definitely pumped and flattered to be a part of their latest box. The sweater turned out to be pretty sweet. Even the hangtag.

On that note, if you want to get your hands on a Fall Box (before they sell out) you can take 20% off with the code BeachlyKiss20 over at – A portion of proceeds also go to help fund beach cleanups with their partner, Heal The Bay. Yet another reason it’s such a cool company I was pumped to work with.

Before I sign off, here’s a close-up glamour shot of the sweater. Seeing my art in wearable form is pretty cool. Might need to make it a regular thing.

Thank you, Beachy, and high five to all the brands in the box, it’s an honor to be curated with you.



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