Messy Desk Update

Well, I guess it’s a good thing that I’ve been painting so much I’ve forgotten to post about them…and there’s been a bunch. Whoops.

Ironically, it’s a good feeling. Painting just makes sense, feels good, and is my mental happy place. But then, before I start a new one, my palms sweat and I tell myself, “Please make this one turn out to be cool, and don’t mess it up or make it look like a bad Lisa Frank trapper keeper cover” a dozen times before the first drop of paint ever hits the paper. Then the fun starts. Then I’m my own worst critic and that chirping in my ear starts too.

Art is just crazy like that. It’s kind of a mirror and teacher at once.

The question is…what to paint next.

Prints of most of these are in the shop: you can follow my art over at: @goldfish_kiss_art // #goldfishkissart  and if anyone ever has any questions about art supplies, just shoot me a question in the comment. I’ve been testing out new paint, brushes, and papers, and I can attest, they make a big difference.

I say it at the end of pretty much any art post, but…yay art.

**Also, sidenote: I’m thinking I need a She Shed in our backyard to be my official studio. Mama needs some windows and space to create. So technically it’d be a called a She Shed Studio. Not sure if that’s even possible given we rent our place, but still, ohhh that would be nice. Windows, Lots of windows.

Speaking of windows…how great would this little reading nook be?



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    • I could never knock her! I think I had an entire trapper keeper collection adorned with her masterpieces, it’s just not the vibe I’m wanting with my stuff…although she is probably a millionaire. 😉❤️🌴