Dog Walk Chic

I just realized the occasion I get dressed up most frequently for, is our dog walks. I mean, they are a highlight of my day, and I think Kili appreciates the effort I take in my appearance. Maybe I smell better? Although she enjoys rolling around in dead fish or unknown foul substances, so I doubt that’s the case. But still, whoa. Life’s weird. Might as well get a little mood boost by getting out of sweats for any special occasion.

Like this one.

This particular day was a full-blown Fall PNW Mood (I know you like bright and sunny, but this is life), and Kili ran so much at her favorite sniffspot she pretty much passed out for the next 24 hours. One day I’ll get pics of this place that does it justice, but for now, these shall do. (Also, Sniffspot = an app that’s been my saving grace since moving here, and since 2020 had a meltdown, and since just preferring to go places with my dog an no other people around.

Not pictured: Levi throwing rocks in the river or trying to dig a hole to China in the sand. Gosh, I love just being out in nature and letting his mind roam free.

So yeah I’ll get dressed up for that too.

Now the dressed up deets:

That coat is by Carve Design and every time I’ve worn it, I get asked where it’s from, because it’s awesome. Thanks, Carve.

The hat: I’ve been on the hunt for a cool black wool hat, but nothing too trendy, but wanted it kinda tough but not a full-blown cowboy hat. Stetson to the rescue (of course.) That bad boy ( It’s called the Bozeman) is water-repellent, packable and it going to get worn OUT. I might need to buy a brown one too.

The boots: My big ‘ol Tretorn Galoshes. I got them when we first moved to Seattle 7 years ago, and never could quite give them up, which is good because they’re getting tons of use again, and I can’t seem to find a similar pair. This is a close one, sort of.

Also, IT cosmetics new

And the pup…This was her time to frolic, so I didn’t wrangle her in for a pic, but my Kili girl is 7, and has been on of the most consistent, loving things throughout all of life’s changes these last 7 years. I cry just thinking about it sometimes. Dogs rule. And I shall always call her my pup.

So yeah, definitely get dressed up for our dates.


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