Fall Mood

Oh, Fall. Your coziness, your hues, your vibe, it all totally snuck up on me this year. It kind of feels like last week I was in a bikini and actually had a tan, and now I’m sleeping in sweats under three blankets and getting really excited when the sun peeps out for a few minutes.

But, in spite of the impending gloom of minimal daylight once daylight savings hits, It’s one of my favorite seasons to curl up, zone out, and make a mood board for. So here you go.

Guess it might be a good time for a bucket list too. 

• Read as much as possible – Although I just finished The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah and I’m so emotionally attached to that book it’s hard for me to think of starting another one. Maybe The Nightingale, which Hannah wrote as well? Supposedly it’s even better…which I don’t know if that’s possible.

• Enjoy every damn cup of coffee each morning, like, sit and savor that sucker for all of its beauty.

• Coats, boots, beanies. Chunky knits. It’s all wearable hugs. Which we all need. Yum.

• Continue to get outside each day rain or shine, and find things to love about cold gray rainy days – The fog/The lack of people? How great it makes coffee taste? There are ways.

• Paint bright happy sunny stuff. Aka art therapy.

• Simplify, get rid of crap, (mentally, figuratively, and literally) and attempt to get organized.

• That’s it. Sounds like a plan. Hope you like the mood boards and yay fall.

*All of the pics were found online and created by amazingly talented people, who I wish I could buy a coffee and just talk ideas with someday.

More mood boards aqui. 

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