Playing with scissors: No sew backless tank.


I am all about finding new ways to cut up a tee to make it more versatile, live one last breath, or be repurposed. Or, in this case to show the back some summahtime lovin’. 

I am also about doing it in an easy, only tools you need are scissors fashion. And yeah, I was all about this fun I had with some scissors.

I had a few of these rad guys tees, then saw this amazing idea on pinterest, (that looked like it was scanned from a french magazine or something)…et voila. I had to give it a try.

The results were…surprisingly awesome. 

So, here’s what you do, should you have a tee that needs a facelift. Or backlift. 

The original diagram shows it best, but here’s my attempt to explain.

1: Cut off the sleeves. Be sure not to cut the armholes too deep.

2: Cut off the neck.

3: Now, cut the front neckline so it’s a scoop neck. I free handed it but feel free to draw where you want to cut first with some scissors.

3: Now, cut the low back. I did a straight cut down the middle as low as I wanted the back to go, Then did a curved cut back up on each side. This made the cut out back symmetrical. High five.

5: Now, here’s my little tip. Lightly stretch and pull all the places you cut so it makes the fabric roll a little bit. This jsut gives it a better/somewhat finished off look, and makes your new backless tank a little more drapey. Which is a good thing.

6: Done.

Now, give yourself a pat yourself on the back. 

Your bare back. 

Tee, I mean now backless tank, by Freedom Artists // WLFP sports bra // Island Company beach sheet

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