Easy Cool Hat


Big floppy hats have a magical ability to make any outfit go from blah to voila. Honestly, a day doesn’t go by when I don’t see someone stylishly rocking one. I must admit, it’s rarely me. But, I must also admit, I feel kinda cool when I do actually rock one. 

So, I felt like customizing my beloved black felt floppy hat, to make it a bit more, bright, boho, unique, and well…me. Without a huge commitment. (Ahem, sewing anything.)

Here’s how. It’s easy. I’d like to call it a DIY, but it’s really just another way to wear something on something type of deal.

• Just tie a bright belt (I used my beloved Seiba one), scarf, or headband, around that sucker. Let the ends hang out if they are too long, or tuck ‘em in. 

Yup. You officially have a revamped, bright, fun, flopper.

That is officially yours to rock every now and then.

And feel a wee bit cool.

Wearing Lovely Bird Hat with Seiba Belt, Blue Life Dress, Hipanema cuff, Pearl Love and Flash Tattoos bracelets. 

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