Latest Pinspirations

It’s late, and I was getting inspired for the week ahead, which meant….going through a bunch of pins. This all got my brain spinning, and now I don’t know if I’ll be able to fall asleep. Inspiration is so ironic like that.

Here we go. Top to bottom:

A pic of Palawan from the Huffington post, that is making me want to go to The Philippines even more. 

One of the raddest tropical prints I’ve seen in a while. 

A gorgeous floral half- updo that I think I could actually recreate, and plan on doing so one day. Once my hair grows out.

Sweet hand lettering by Breanna Rose. She über talented.

A seriously inspiring graphic for Mara Hoffman’s new Umbrella collab. Queue your rain dances.

Calorie free ice cream. Since you can’t eat a neon sign.

And last but not least… A kick ass quote that I really should use an amazing vocab word to describe. 

Fun stuff. 

More Aqui.

*None of these images are mine. Please click on the links above to find the pin and image source. 

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