DIY Fringed Cardigan

Somewhere in your closet there lies a long sleeve top that’s begging to be revamped, repurposed and worn to death. Help a shirt out with this DIY project that requires no sewing or mechanical skill whatsoever.

1. Fold the top in half vertically so that the fold is down the middle of the front and back. Align the side seams so you know you have an even fold down the front of the shirt.

2. Now, cut the front of the shirt in half from the top of the shirt to the bottom, using the fold as your guide. Try to cut it as straight as possible. If your top has a thick neck, cut off the neckline as well. Voila…you now have a cardigan, but let’s spice it up a bit.

3. Time to crop the back a little bit. With the inside facing the table, spread out the shirt. Draw a slight arch from one side of the bottom to the other (I used a fine-point Sharpie), so that the middle of the back is a couple inches shorter than the front.

4. Time for some fringe. With the shirt still spread out, cut roughly half inch wide vertical strips that go up into the cardigan as far as you prefer (or about three inches). Do this all along the bottom edge.

5. Now tie a small knot at the end of each strip. This weighs the fringe down and gives it a more finished look.

Done. An easy, breezy comfy cardigan you can throw in your bag, wear over a tank or dress, that also gives you a reason to bust out the cha cha.

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