Half & Half Nails


Never fear, the hardest part is picking the colors. Other than that, here are some pretty easy, no tape, no nail art brushes, fun, bright nails.

DIY Half and Half nails.

1: Pick 5 colors. I suggest mixing brights and neutrals.

2. With your first color, pick 2 half of 2 nails to paint that color. Repeat with the other colors until your nails are fully painted. I think it looks cooler if the halves aren’t perfectly equal. (i.e one nail has more of one color/a wider strip that the other)

3. You should end up with a different half and half color combo on each hand.

Ta daa! Let dry and cover with glossy topcoat. Pretty sweet.

I used: Blue, purple, beige, red and pink

Thumb: purple/blue, Pointer: pink/red, Middle: Beige/Blue, Ring: Purple/Pink, Pinkie: Beige/Red.

**My sister told me about this so if I do not give her credit right now, I will never hear the end of it. Thank you for the inspiration Hannah. 🙂

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