San Lorenzo. From Peru to You.


If anyone coming to Oahu asks for a good place to buy a bikini, without even having to think, I always blurt out SAN LORENZO! It’s ingrained in my subconscious. But it’s not only me. If you go on a beach in Hawaii, the probability of a female species wearing some sort of San Lorenzo piece…is about 98.3%

It’s a go-to line. Maybe it’s the plethora of print options, maybe it’s the super soft fabric, maybe it’s the cuts, maybe it’s the ability to mix and match to your heart’s content, maybe it’s the reasonable price. Whatever it is, everyone loves San Lorenzo Bikinis. Myself included.

I’ve been wearing my little oh so radly printed white hipster/halter non stop (pictured above).

Now a little bit of the history. San Lorenzo bikinis were established in 1991 in a small sewing shop in Lima Peru (I find this quite cool), and made it’s way to Hawaii in 2001. In an oh-so-strategic move, their first boutique opened in 2005 right by University of Hawaii…and that’s all she wrote. Thank you UH coeds from the bottom of our bikini loving hearts.

So…if anyone is coming to Hawaii, and is looking for a good bikini you can’t find many other places. Here you go.

Available Online and at any of there retail stores.

**If you happen to be near Haleiwa, stop by their Blowout sale. Sweet deals, awesome suits. Yes please 🙂

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