Beach Hair 101: DIY headband wrap (*it’s easy)

When the temperature rises so does the tendency to not want my hair anywhere near my face or neck…enter the superhero of hot temps, the headband. Problem, I have a weird shaped head so none of the cute designer, or simple elastic ones ever stay on, and I look like a cone-head within a few minutes. I was thrilled when I stumbled on this you tube video and found out how to make a super easy headband that wraps and stays securely on you noggin – because you can tie two pieces together as tightly as you’d like. Almost like a bandana, but waaaaaaaay more chic. Bonus: It’s got a little bit of that 70’s retro meets flapper girl vibe going on.

How make your own easy-peasy-beach-hair headband.

Tools: Scissors

Materials you can use:

Any fabric that is stretchy: Bottom of a t-shirt or tank top, long jersey dress that needed to be hemmed anyways (what I used), old rash guard, tights, socks, The cuter the fabric the cuter the headband. *For the instructions I’ll just say T shirt.

1. Cut off the bottom of your t-shirt in the width that you’ll want your headband (the thicker the cooler I think)

2. Cut the resulting tube in half twice, so you end up with two strips of equal length

3. Lie one strip on top of the other so that they are perpendicular to each other and intersect in the middle (it will look like an x)

4. Put the top and right section together, and bottom and left section together.

5. The “knot” should go in the middle of the front of your head, then tie the open ends behind your neck as tight as you need for it to stay in place.

6. Make as many as you’d like and gear up for summer.

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