indah I’m inlove

I love Bali. I haven’t been there, but just the thought of going there one day makes me feel instantly relaxed & among the cool kids travel crew. I also love bikinis. So naturally, I love indah, an insanely cute & functional swimwear line designed and made in…Bali.

Indah designer, Libby De Santis, is a genius. Something in the water there must breed creativity because these suits – and the entire clothing line – are flirty, insanely comfortable, flattering, and give off the “I live at the beach and can look gorgeous & effortlessly chic without even lifting a finger” vibe. De Santis personally tests each suit to insure it is user friendly, resulting in suits that don’t give you any strange tan lines, have just the right amount of adjustments for a perfect fit, stay on in the H2O, and moves with you. It’s no wonder the line has a huge following among the coolest beach babes everywhere (ahem, yours truly included). Seriously, you could live, work and play in this entire line.

The 2011 swim line features gorgeously draped, knotted and gathered buttery soft fabrics in bright skin flattering hues. If all gals would wear one of these suits, chiropractors everywhere would be overbooked and sending personal thank you letters to Libby. Yes, my friends, this line is full of head-turners. Need an Example? Check out the trio featured in the SI Swimsuit issue this year

Venture on over to  (I love the song on the homepage btw I think I have listened to it 5x while writing this) pick up a suit, and fly out to Bali as an excuse just to thank the designer for making your new favorite bikini.

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