Beach Beauty: Tiger Stripe Toes.

It’s time to make your little piggies roar…

I love animal prints, yet rarely wear them (kudos to people who can pull them off) – but somehow they look pretty darn cool on toes – no matter the color combo. So, I decided to figure out how to make that happen, and am thrilled to tell you how easy it is to paint some Jungle Book worthy toes.

Step 1: At your local drug store, buy one of the new nail art nail polishes in the color you want your stripes. I used Milani Nail Art Laquer (cost: $3.99) but LA colors and Sally Hansen also make some.

Step 2: Paint your toes as you normally would in your color of choice

Step 3: Using your newly acquired nail art nail polish,  paint 3-4 stripes on each toe alternating on each side (Tip: apply more pressure on the outside of your toe then decreasing the pressure as you paint the stroke to the inside to get the thin to thick line effect.)

Step 4: Repeat on all toes you want, let dry then cover with a top coat.

Step 5: Try not to marvel too much at how fun but simple your toes look & make sure to add the Jungle Book to your Netflix queue.

Polish used in the pic: Purple: Illamasqua- Jo’mina Black: Milani – Black Sketch

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