No Sew Knot Top


Knotted bikini tops have been popping up all over. And what can I say? I’m a huge fan. The first one I saw was the Beth Richards Knot top, then the Frankie’s Bikini’s Greer top (Sold out everywhere. Rightfully so), and Spiritual Gangster even has a workout one I’d take a dip in. I’m probably missing a few others, but yeah. This kind of top rocks. 

So, I was convinced I could take the DIY route and make one of my own. 

But it had to be no sew.

And take under five minutes to accomplish. 

And turn out cool.

Which it (thankfully) did. 

So here’s what went down with me, an old workout top, and some scissors. 

In case the pics above don’t make sense, here’s my attempt at directions.

The key for me = finding the right top. The right top = A tight fitting workout tank with a built in bra. I wish I had one that had thicker tank like straps, but these spaghetti straps still worked for me. 

So grab some scissors and a tight fitting workout top, and vamos…

• First, crop the back panel of the tank off. Just the back. And do it an inch or two below the built in bra part.  

• It should now look like a sports bra in the back, and a long tank in the front. 

* Now to the front.

• Cut the sides off so the front looks like a big V.

• Now your tank should look like a pointed bandana shaped tank in the front and a sports bra in the back. 

• Put the tank on.

• Grab the front fabric, and tie in a knot to your desired tightness. 

• Cut off the long loose end.

• Tuck any loose fabric in the back up under the built in bra.

• Done.

Meet your new knotted top. 

Bikini top. Workout top. Crop top. Whatever. It looks cool, is comfy, and you successfully repurposed something. 

High five. 

Now go do a cannon ball or some burpies or something. 

…and yes. I’m just a tad bit excited to test this one out in Hawaii next week. Will give it a surf friendly thumbs up or thumbs down on this post. Boom!

…and finally. Here’s a few more pics of the top. In case anyone wants to see a few more pics/angles/me awkwardly posing by myself. 


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