A Beach Is A Beach


Welp, we found a beach the other day. Actually, given that there’s 10,000 lakes in Minnesota, there’s bound to be quite a few of them. The sand and water might be a little different, but you know what? When it’s a calm, sunny, and gloriously warm morning, the splashing and twirling still felt amazing, and the sun sure knows how I like my skin to be kissed, regardless of location.

…And my attempts at getting a mom and me pic to document the occasion are always equally as entertaining

I find it pretty amusing that getting a typical smiling at the camera pic is pretty much like finding the lost city of Atlantis. There were lake belly flops that needed to be done, sprints to and from the water that needed to be run, High School dudes that needed to be babbled to (Bottom pic) and sand that needed to be investigated. Alas, I had to get creative. But kind of love the results. 

So glad to finally get out and about… and to a lake. 

Only 9,999 more to check out. 

Hopefully one of those will be Lake Superior soon. Be prepared for some jaw dropping pics there. Although I’ve heard the water there might make Santa Cruz feel like a hot tub. Still. I’m determined to surf there in the winter. Will definitely need to find a baby sitter that day. I’m planning ahead.

Either way. First Minnesota beach day is in the books. I’m thinking summer should be pretty sweet. 

Different, but still sweet.

High Five. 

Wearing Acacia X The Lucky Honey Kokomo Onesie + a Hemlock Hat

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