Dream Beach Bag: Get On Ma Body.



Ahh Spring. Temperatures rise, the air smells better, I want to mix and match bikinis, shorts and coverups with anything…and the visa gets some cardio. Well, not too much cardio. But, there’s just too many stinkin’ cute items out there not to want to take it out for some fresh air (Ahem, those overalls). So, I figured a little dream beach bag is long overdue. Time to dream baby dream.  

Killer bag, Pendleton headphones, perfume that makes you smell like you are on spring break (in a good way), and of course the overalls that dreams are made of…included. 

*I’m testing out a new shop the post widget. So, click on the icons in the image, and it will take you directly to the item online. Cha-Ching. 

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