The squished up fishtail: How the

The squished up fishtail: How the heck you do it.

I’ve always wondered how the heck people do those cool squished up puffy looking fishtail braids. I guess I probably could’ve googled it. The other day on the beach, I put my hair in my go-to side fishtail. But, when finished, held a little section of hair at the end. then squished the rest of the hair up.

And the hallelujah chorus ensued…

A squished up, perfectly puffed, messed up, fishtail.

So to clarify my vague instructions, here’s how you squish le fish.

• Put hair in a fishtail

• Grab a little (like 1/8 -¼" piece of hair) from the end.

• Pull the rest of the hair up towards your head until desired scrunchification is achieved.

• Do a little happy dance.

…and take pics of your hair to document it.

Kai Lani Bikini // Long Lost Jewelry Necklace

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