The Beach House

Holy Moly Batman, it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts. Although the current real estate market is making me realize the best we could probably ever do in terms of a beachfront house is a tent somewhere for a night. It doesn’t hurt to dream, does it?

Plus it is kind of interesting to see how much my tastes have changed in the past few years. Definitely gravitating more towards a warm earthy feel with lots of windows vs an all-white stucco deal. But what remains the same is an outdoor shower, lots of natural light, and most importantly… a beach with a warm tropical breeze nearby.

Top to bottom – None of these pics are my own and I did my best to find the appropriate image source. but darn Pinterest makes it hard sometimes…

Pretty sure that’s Bali…Pretty sure I need to go there someday.

Nesting With Grace absolutely nailed it with this custom outdoor shower, especially the details.

Living room of my dreams via ElleUK… I love how it’s not perfect but it’s perfectly cozy and fun.

Just, you know, a totally kick-ass gorgeous eating nook in Majorca…that’s I’d probably make my desk.

Any Masaya & Co Handwoven rocking chair will do, please. On a porch with a view.

Ready, Set, Water Bill. I’d be very clean and shower a lot.

Kawaiian Lion for the win, again – Might actually try and do something like this for my kiddo’s room. Just need to add a spiderman and Ronaldo poster in there somewhere, too.

Seaesta Surf Beach blankets everywhere, por favor.

There you go. Dreaming time is done for now. Back to vacuuming up dog hair …but imagining there’s lots of sand in the mix too.


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