Snaps with some saguaro

Fun fact: I lived in Arizona for a few years. This was back before the blog where all I had was a mySpace where I had a virtual dog I’d take care of when I was supposed to be working. I’d hike Squaw peak on my way home from work, go mountain biking, play golf in a bikini in 118-degree heat on the 4th of July at my friend’s house, be fascinated by the monsoon season, and eat at Los Dos Molinos any chance I got. That’s just off the top of my head.

So, it’s always a sweet time when we go back to spend a weekend in Arizona with my husband’s parents and grandparents each year. The first stop is usually a feast at Los Dos, then one of the highlights is definitely a little hike we do out in Usery Mountain Regional Park.

Well, this was the first year I brought a camera to do the scenery some justice. And this was the first time there were flowers. Gotta love poppies.

Apparently, thanks to the hefty dose of rain this year, the desert bloom will be in full effect in a few weeks. Kinda bummed we will miss it. So, if you happen to be in Arizona, go hiking for me and soak up the gorgeousness of it all for me.

The rattlesnakes, yeah not so much. I know it’s their realm, (I’ve seen a massive one hiking, and surprisingly didn’t great or anything) but, I love it when we just give each other some space. Some much-needed space.

I think we need to go back for a long weekend, and maybe hike the grand canyon or something. Or check out Tuscon or Sedona. It’s funny when we lived there I was always dreaming of the beach, and now fast forward 17 years later and I am kicking myself for not getting out and exploring more.

You live, you learn. You hike. Which kind of stirs up so much learning, too.


Hike: Pass Mountian Trail in Usery Mountain

Aviator Nation Flannel // New Balance kicks // Old tee I found on Maui. // Jolyn shorts 

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