The Beach House


A quick trip back to Hawaii left me 1: relaxed, 2: really behind in posting, and 3: dreaming of winning powerball and being able to move back and buy a little beach front property…with a little space for a watercolor art school on the back patio….and with a few coconut trees somewhere on the property. Ok, the trip totally had me dreaming of…The Beach House

So, here are a few items that are making me want to not get drive through coffee for a month and just use that money for powerball tickets instead.

• An all white bed, canopy and dreamiest of dreamy headboards ever. Dream big. And boho. 

• It’s the little things, and finishing touches…like a pineapple doorbell. Which might be the cutest doorbell ever.

• Ok I know that this is a restaurant, but that tiled bar in a kitchen is brilliantly gorgeous. I’d definitely learn to do this kind of tiling myself to save money and actually make it happen. 

• These hanging Sedona/desert looking planters are rather amazing, and might just need to make their way into my rental very, very, very soon. And be packed up and brought over to the beach house too one day

• Speaking of hanging things. I’d have no problem, and a much easier time vacuuming if all furniture was hanging. Or at least have this cozy chair setup. That would probably end up being where I do all my work, emailing, napping, procrastinating, and coffee drinking. 

• Ok, I don’t know who makes this sign, or where it is, but I need to find, clone, or bribe it’s creator with free mai tais for life to recreate it. It is the most gorgeous neon sign that’s appropriate for inside a home, ever. 

And finally…

• An outdoor shower is a non negotiable, however a little mini pool next to one is one helluva great idea too.

There you go. Keep on dreaming. Especially when it comes to beach houses.

 Where almost all of the furniture is hanging. 

*None of these photos are mine. I wish they were because that would mean they were of my house. All photos are from my Beach House and Fixin Up My Rental Pinterest boards.

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