Here’s the next piece in my

Here’s the next piece in my “babes in leis” series. Or in this case, a babe wearing a flower bikini.

The story behind the painting is pretty cool too.

As much as certain parts of social media make me want to headbutt a brick wall, one of the best parts is how it can make the world small, and you can connect with like minded/really cool people all over the globe. 

So when a I received a message from a beautiful gal from Tahiti, who apparently is a fan of my watercolors, noticed I’d been painting women in Bora Bora wearing leis, and asked if I’d be interested in painting a photo of her when she just so happened to be wearing a flower bikini, I said….OUI! 

Et Voila. Here’s the painting. 

Bikini a Fleurs – Based off of the photo of Vanessa Lety taken by photographer Kim Akrich

I think I should just go to Bora Bora and give them both prints in person, don’t you?

Yay art. 

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