Duplicated content fail time. Go me. But

Duplicated content fail time. Go me. 

But really, Some of these instagram gems need to be shown off here too. Where they aren’t at the mercy of an app or algorithm. And we’ll, it just amazes me what pics you can take with an iPhone nowadays too.

Top to bottom:

• Early morning swim in the west side…rainbow included. Pinch me.

• Sunset at Magic Island. No filter. just kidding.

• I waited for a half an hour for a lady to go in the ocean so I could sit in the sand right next to where she was sitting and take this pic. 

• Island company. Best mantra on a tee ever. Love Levi’s little sandy toes in this too.

• Mom life. Hands free and full heart included. Gosh I love backpacks.

• Rainy plumeria. Aka one of my favorite things to take a pic of.

• Stop…hammock time. (If you got that joke we should be friends)

• Poipu shows is a comin’. Crazy cool lighting and water…

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