Ok, this wasn’t a late at

Ok, this wasn’t a late at night rambling, but a flying over the pacific, grab my journal and frantically scribble what is going through my head type of deal.

It all started when I read an article in a magazine (Hana Hou) about this (amazingly inspiring) woman who paddled across the Pacific ocean. I think it was more than once. I really should’ve kept the magazine so I could reference the article like a pro. Kicking myself.

Anyways, what pretty much ignited the fire in her to go ahead and, you know, be a total bad ass and paddle across an ocean just using the power generated by her body and some oars, was a little writing exercise. It might sound a bit grim, but she had to write her obituary. Two versions of it. One was her life as it was. One how she wanted it to be. 


Well, apparently the exercise hit a nerve, and she just started carpe-ing the diem, training, and doing some amazing things. Like paddling from San Fran to Hawaii, or maybe it was Australia. Seriously kicking myself again for not keeping the magazine.

Anyways, the article hit home and got me thinking. And the above random rambling is basically what my brain felt like immediately regurgitating. 

…and also made me realize I really really want to train for something cool again. 

Like paddling across an ocean or something.

“Life’s short, but if done well it should be enough” 

..off to hunt down a back issue of that magazine now.

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