One of those swims

Fun little story. The moral: You just gotta love it when a disappointment turns into a blessing. 

Early one morning last week, I went to one of my favorite places to swim/dive/be in insanely clear water on Oahu. Ok, dolphins make appearances there too. As my husband and I rolled up to the beach, the clouds rolled in, it got grey, and no dolphins were in sight. But, I still decided to go for a swim. 

And man oh man, am I so glad I did.

I was the only person in the water, my husband was the only person on the beach, and the conditions were as calm and clear as possible. Plus, when I dove down all I could hear were whales. And let’s just say they were rather loud and talkative that morning. So it was just me, the big clear blue sea, some singing whales, and my husband sitting on shore wrapped in a towel. 

I think God knew it wasn’t dolphins or sunshine I needed that day, it was a big ‘ol dose of solitude, peace, humility, and feeling really really small…all while being serenaded by some whales.

The banana mac nut pancakes that followed were rather stellar too.

So, when in doubt. At least go for a swim. 

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