Not your ordinary shades


Yes, these shades are cool. But what they are made of, and are helping to promote is even cooler.

First off, they are biodegradable. Yes biodegradable sunglasses. The teams at SPY and Non Toxic Revolution (NTR) teamed up to continue to encourage people to take the au natural and non toxic route. Even in sunglasses. 

Secondly, the lenses are literally called happy lenses. (Yup. You can even see a small smiley face in the corner of the lens). In short, it is the first and only lens technology that allows the sun’s “good rays” in (long-wave blue light) that studies suggest put you in a better mood. But the bad waves (short-wave blue light and UV rays) are still blocked. Cool stuff. There’s a cute little video with info on the lens here.

And finally, a portion of each sale goes towards the Keep A Breast Non Toxic Revolution, which helps educate and inspire people to choose non-toxic products…which then is helping the ongoing mission to reduce instances of breast cancer. Hallelujah. After talking with one of their reps for a while at an event last year, it was an eye opener that’s definitely made me make smarter choices in products (ahem sunscreen and house cleaning items) and little day to day choices. So yeah, I am pumped that these shades help them out too.

Oh yeah. Having Shepard Fairey art on the sides is a rather nice an added perk. 

Yup, these are not your ordinary shades. At all. 

Non Toxic Revolution // Spy Optics // Keep A Breast 

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