Little Earth friendly things.

First off. Happy Earth day. It’s a big ‘ol Earth, and I want to see as much of it as I can in this amazing yet it’s flying by so fast life I’ve got. Secondly, since every day is Earth Day, I figured I’d share a few little things that are helping out this gorgeous globe we get to call home.

1. Reusable water bottles. Although drinking water is one of the absolute best things you can do and a total no negotiable when it comes to your health, Plastic water bottles are also wreaking having on the globe. Solution: use a reusable water bottle. Fill that sucker up, and repeat as frequently as you need. It saves you money, and saves the Earth. Also, I personally think my bkr, which I have on me 24/7, is one of the most stylish and tasty (because for some reason water tastes oh so much better when it’s consumed out of a glass) bottles available.

2. Reusable totes. It’s crazy to see the impact that plastic bags are having across the globe. Exhibit A, Exhibit B, Exhibit C. But what’s even crazier, is the positive impact bans on plastic bags, and people opting for a reusable tote instead are having on the environment. Here’s an example. Wow. So, get a sturdy reusable multi purpose canvas tote, and you’ll have one grocery/shopping bag for a really, really long time. This helps lighten the load significantly on le globe, as well as how many bags you have to carry from your car to your kitchen. You can seriously pile a ton into those suckers. Looking for a rad canvas tote (beach bag, shopping bag, use anywhere bag)…Time for me to plug my friend’s gorgeous designs, and suggest you to check out Lucky To Live Hawaii. So cool.  

Moral of the story so far. Plastic pretty much sucks.

But, on a more positive note in terms of plastic, let’s move on to number three.

3. Innovative companies. I just think it’s amazing that some seriously rad clothes, and now swimwear, are being made out of recycled plastic bottles. They get two enthusiastic thumbs up in the comfort department too. They are smooth as buttah baby. 

I already talked about Consurfvation Tees in this post. So here’s another tee. Which, yes, I love to wear to, from or during a surf. Then might I suggest you check out Greenleee Swim. They are the makers of the LRB Little Recycled Bikini. They fit like a glove, are well made, feel awesome, and the designer is a totally sweet gal. Greentastic. 

So, there you go. 3 little things, 3 ways to help.

Happy Earth Day. 

Every day. 

*Have any more ideas or companies you’d like to share that are helping our beautiful world out. Let’s all hear ‘em in the comments below. Don’t be shy. It’s our world we are talking about.

**Oh yeah, I put all these goods on my banana beach sheet. It’s not recycled plastic, but bananas are cool and I thought It would make a great backdrop.

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